Cinco de Mayo Party 2006

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The traditional Cinco de Mayo party was another day of fun and games. Use the links on the left to navigate the fun times....

Fun and Games

The Bimini ring toss championship was back in play this year. The competition was much more fierce this year, since half of the participants have a Bimini ring toss set at home.

Although Jon (pictured at left) and Kelly went to the semi-finals, this year's Bimini Ring Toss winner was Ken.

A new game this year was "name the country of the flag". The object of the game was to match the country name with the national flag. This year's winner was Mr. Mounts. How did he win? As he said "I think I've had a beer in most of those countries".

Having fun with a beach ball..

The Pinata

What would be a Cinco de Mayo party without a Piñata? Pinatas are great fun for kids because there is a prize at the end of the journey.

This year's pinata was quite difficult to break. That darn Tiki Piñata was a hard one to crack.

How many adults does it take to break a piñata?

Even Papa Ricky gets in the act. In the end, the combined effort was just too much for the Tiki Piñata.

Tequila Tasting

The traditional Margarita tasting was once again a success. This year we had four different margaritas, all with the same recipe, except for the tequila. This year's favorite winner was Cabo Wabo Reposado.

After the margarita tasting we moved on to straight tequila tasting. This is where Jose Cuervo clearly came in last place....

Hmm, maybe we should taste those again?

As the tasting progressed, so did the happiness!

After the Party

After the party, Ernie and Carroll decided that it would be a waste if any of the left over margaritas were not consumed. No one had to drive, so what the heck, can't let that good tequila go to waste.

Yeah, I think they are feeling the effects of those blue margaritas....

Uh oh, someone broke out the clarinet. I can say that this was some of the worst clarinet playing that I've ever heard.... But I guess there was the excuse of the blue margaritas.

Even Stephanie takes a shot at playing the clarinet. Then Ernie and Carroll practice their "acting!"

Looks like a Broadway Play!