Delta River Cruise

July 2006

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On one of the hottest days on record, we took the delta river cruise from Sacramento to San Francisco. Why did we do this on the hottest day of the year? Funny you should ask.

This trip was supposed to happen all throughout the months of May and June but each day had been cancelled. So it turned out that July was the first date we could take the trip. But I digress, first I should explain what this trip was supposed to be....

The trip was a Christmas gift from my parents and we were all very excited with the itinerary. We were to leave the port of Sacramento on an air-conditioned boat, float down the delta to San Francisco, and then hop on Amtrak for a train ride back to Sacramento. When we arrived at the dock we were informed that the "normal" boat was broken down and that they had a substitute boat. This "substitute boat" was dirty and did NOT have air conditioning. Yes, on the hottest day of the year we were on a boat with no air!

OK, no big deal. This will still be fun. We cruised down the delta and it was very interesting. When lunch was served we ran into another problem.... The food was really not that good.... We are not picky eaters, but this food tasted liked warmed up Costco frozen food. It was not fresh. Ok, so no air and bad food, we will still have fun!

We got to cruise by the "mothball fleet" on the way to the Benicia bridge.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that even though their website says "all inclusive", the drinks are not included and they are pretty pricey..... Even non alcoholic drinks were limited. Here we were on the hottest day of the year with no air conditioning and we were only allowed "two" soft drinks or water. So much for "all-inclusive". The picture to the right shows the construction on the new Benicia bridge.

Once we hit Benicia the weather cooled down and the cruise became much more enjoyable. The picture to right shows the C&H sugar company.

We arrived in San Francisco right on time. We spent an hour shopping in the ferry building and then walked over to the Amtrak bus stop. The bus was to take us across the bay to Emeryville, which is where we catch the train back to Sacramento. Well..... Amtrak was not ready for our group so our bus to the Amtrak terminal was cancelled. The tour did nothing to accommodate us other than tell us to "come back in a few hours when the next one is scheduled". This was the final straw on a poorly planned event! We did come back to the bus stop in 1.5 hours and did finally make it to the Amtrak station.

Overall this trip was poorly planned and we felt that they should have informed us that the boat had changed and that it did not have air. We do not recommend this trip. At $150 a person it is way overpriced.

The only redeeming thing about the trip was that we got to experience a true "adventure" with my parents.