Ken's Surprise Birthday Party

"Kenny's Gringo Casino"

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The Accomplices

Rocky was the catalyst for surprising Ken on his birthday. "He has never really had a surprise party, I think it would be fun, let's do it".

So the plotting began. Our mission: To create a fun surprise birthday party for our guest of honor.

Casino night was an obvious choice because we all know how much Ken likes to go to Reno.

All we had to do was figure out how to get Kenny out of the house for a few hours. Daniel and Lorraine took him out to lunch while Carroll and Dave set up the casino.

We then enlisted the help of some good friends, Stephanie and Ernie, to help us "deal the cards".

Yep, we are going to surprise Dad.

And then it was "Showtime"

And he thought we forgot his birthday

We can safely say that he was very surprised

The Party

First order of business is setting the rules. Does everyone have their fun books? Does everyone have their 200 Kenny bucks?

Let the games begin!

These Kenny bucks sure don't last very long.

Roulette was a pretty popular game.

Jon goes for the conservative bet.

Should I let this one ride?

Come on Royal Flush!

Blackjack anyone?

After the games the prizes were awarded.

Ken then opened presents.

The Casino Guests

Moira, Joan and Bob

Arlene and Don

Larry and Wally

Cliff and Ruthie

Karen and Leroy

Larami and Pam

Jon the tree hugger

The Big Winners!

Larry was the day's big winner. Hit a Straight Flush on "Let it Ride" for $3,600 Kenny bucks.

Pam was the second place winner. She doubled up multiple Roulette bets in the last minutes to grab about 700 Kenny bucks.

Our last place prize went to the owner of Kenny's Gringo Casino, Mr. Shroyer himself.

Al wins a scratcher

Lee wins a scratcher.

Leroy is a shy winner.

Joan wins a scratcher.

Don is hoping for a big win.

Karen wins a scratcher