Meanwhile back at the ranch . . . the one in Vacaville . . .  the Whitaker ranch

The little black kitten was recovering from his trailing end injuries. As he was growing up it became apparent that he was a "special" cat.  His bent tail set him apart from his brothers and sisters. 

One day, while playing with his siblings, the unique one, was greeted by some "visitors".  These visitors were from the town of Dixon.  Since the "cat with the bent tail" was not welcome among his siblings, he decided to convince these "visitors" to take him away from his current surroundings. 

opus4.jpg (74037 bytes)

Upon meeting the visitors, the chosen one acted with charm and grace.  The "visitors" fell in love with the odd black kitten and decided to take him home with them. 

The visitors names were Dave and Carroll and they decided to give this black cat a very "unique" name.  After all, how many black cats have a bent tail?

opus5.jpg (46690 bytes)

Look at this bent tail!

His name was to be "Opus".  Opus is defined in the dictionary as "a musical composition".  And since every musical composition is unique, unless you're Milli Vanilli, this was to be the perfect name for "the cat with the bent tail".  Neither Dave nor Carroll realized at the time just how special this cat really was.


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