The sheep furtively whispered to the tabby, "My friend, these are my final hours on earth.  I need to tell you of some good news!  The yowl that has never been yowled has been yowled! 

The chosen one will come to you with a bent tail and a "cattitude" that can only belong to the chosen one."


Mysterious Tabby Cat

The grizzled tabby, in his wisdom, recognized that the destined sheep spoke the truth.  Hobbling along on his 3 healthly legs, he limped along Dixon Ave, past Dawsons, where he spread the news to the cats in the alley. 

Dixon Water Tower (A National Landmark)

The younger felines were able to "spread the word" by fleeing from the fairgrounds, darting past the police station, narrowly missing the capital express train, loitering at the cheaper liquor gas station, and finally darting up the town water tower where they finally hung lit lamp(b)s to signal that "the yowl that had never been yowled" had been yowled. 

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