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Vote Opus for Governor of California!

Someone has to clean up this mess! Opus is the ONLY candidate who has already announced his cabinet!


Official Statement from Opus the Cat

Hello fellow Californians, I, Opus T. Cat, have decided to run for Governor of California due to the overwhelming urging of my family and friends. Even though I sleep 20 hours a day, I can't help but feel sorry for you poor people living in California. As a cat, I expect a nice cool place to sleep in the summer, and the power outages in CA have been a real inconvenience to my slumbers. The state of California is over 38 billion dollars in debt and everyday businesses are leaving the state. The cats of California depend on happy servants, they like to call themselves "owners", which is why I feel I must run for office and clean up the mess!

Please take a look at my Platform. I am not beholden to any human special interest groups! It is about time California makes a change in direction. A change for the better. A change for our future!



Opus T. Cat

Opus's Proposed Cabinet

If I am elected governor, I'll put the following felines into office. Note: I am the ONLY candidate who has already announced their cabinet. I challenge the other candidates to do the same!

Lt. Governor - For Lt. Governor I would appoint the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. The Cheshire cat is a little insane and he is very good at disappearing. And that is what we need for Lt. Governor, someone who can just disappear!

Secretary of State - For Secretary of State I would appoint Duchess from the Aristrocats. Duchess is a nice motherly figure that will serve the people of CA well. A good secretary of state needs to, among other things, oversee the elections and deal with chartering corporations. Duchess is a cat with high moral fiber and will server the people of CA well.

Attorney General - For Attorney General I will appoint Mr. Bigglesworth from the Austin Powers series. As you all know, Mr. Bigglesworth is the pet of Dr. Evil. Dr. Evil has helped mold Mr. Bigglesworth into a strict disciplinarian. Therefore, Mr. Bigglesworth is a perfect candidate for attorney general.

State Treasurer - For State Treasurer I will appoint Garfield the Cat. Garfield is a fat cat, like me, so I think he would do a wonderful job of watching over the state's resources.

State Controller - For State Controller I will appoint Felix the Cat. We all know the horrific mess with the California State Budget. California needs someone who "has a bag of tricks". Therefore Felix will be our State Controller.

State Superintendent of Public Instruction - For Superintendent of Public Instruction I will appoint the Cat in the Hat. This is a very important position and the candidate will have to be real sneaky to negotiate with the education unions and the right wing private school faction. I'm confident that the Cat in the Hat can pull it off.

Insurance Commissioner - For Insurance Commissioner I will appoint Top Cat or maybe Fritz the Cat. The insurance commissioner has to deal with those slimy insurance companies so why not appoint a slimy cat to work with them?

Board of Equalization - For Board of Equalization I will appoint Puss n Boots. Puss n Boots is a very cleaver and tricky cat and that is what we will need to insure our property taxes aren't raised by the "fat cats" in Sacramento.

Opus's Official Platform

Unlike the other candidates, I state my positions up front!

Here is my official platform:

The State Budget Crisis: We all know that the State of California is having financial difficulty. So how do we solve the problem? Some of the other candidates have proposed "sin" taxes on cigarettes and alcohol to make up for budget shortfalls. I am not that stupid. Even a cat knows that if you tax something usage will decline and therefore your estimated taxes will never appear. My position is to tax all dog owners $500 per dog owned. Everyone knows that people will not get rid of their dogs because of a tax. Dog owners are just as loyal as their four legged friends so I'm sure they'll pony up the money for the "new dog tax". I estimate that about 1/3 of Californians own dogs, so this small dog ownership tax will more than make up for the budget deficit.

Taxes: I am against raising taxes. (Other than taxes on dogs) In fact one of my first actions as governor will be to offer a TAX REBATE to all cat "owners". (I call them owners for convenience, really they are cat "servants") Each cat owner will receive a $400 check for every cat they have in their household. I am all for Cat Values!

Immigration: I will make sure that the Chihuahuas, Siberian Huskies, and German Shepards are all stopped at the borders. I will also insure that no more Siamese Cats are allowed into our great state. I want to firm up our California borders. I'm tired of seeing these "foreigners" come into our great state and steal our benefits!

Education: I am 100% percent behind educating the masses in California. The Cat in the Hat will be my Superintendent of Education. Every student in CA will be obligated to read the Cat in the Hat until they get their diploma. American Cat History will also be taught in school right along side American Human History.

Terrorism: I will put a stop to the Al-Kitty terrorist organization in California. This will be my attorney general Mr. Bigglesworth first assignment.

Environment: I have a great environmental record. We need to keep our state covered with plants so us cats have some shade in the hot California summers. As governor I will even offer tax incentives to golf courses to make more sand traps.

Behind the Scenes of the Opus Campaign

Here is a behind the scenes look at the Opus for Governor campaign. In this shot, his uncle Jon is helping him up to the podium for one of Opus's several speeches.

Here is a shot of Opus playing some Poker with the big boys in downtown Sacramento. Opus states "These guys don't know the meaning of bluffing"

Here is Opus contemplating his run for office last Christmas. Opus thinks "all I have to do is get that darn Gray Davis recalled."

Here is Opus with his campaign manager Uncle Jon. As you can see, Opus also supports the California Wine Industry!

After a long day of campaigning, Opus sits back and has a brew.